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We present some of the FAQs we hear about our unique household insurance for afpop members. We are always happy to explain our benefits and costs, if there is something else you would like to clarify. If you can not find what you are looking for here, search with further detail in our document about FAQs or call our services.

The sums insured should be calculated assuming the following indemnity basis:

• Building value: the cost to rebuild the insurance object with the same or similar characteristics if they suffer damage or be destroyed. One should take into account the housing square meters, and the amounts vary depending on the quality of the materials. Pools, outbuildings, garages should also be included in this figure.

• Content: the replacement value without any depreciation for use, condition or age.

• The valuables and jewelry: its true market value at the date of the accident.

Electrical Risks: ensures the loss or damage to any electrical equipment due to the direct action of electrical current, overvoltage and overcurrent in particular.

Accidental damage: covering loss or damage to the contents insured resulting from any sudden, random and accidental cause. (not applicable for rental properties)

Coverage (All-Risks): loss or damage of items specified by the policyholder, in this coverage you can include your jewelry or personal belongings (cameras, laptops, mobile phones ...). The scope of coverage is 3 levels of coverage to choose from, Portugal, Europe or Worldwide.

If the property is rented to third parties, the policyholder must always inform the insurance company, to tailor policy to the effects of responsibility as may be required.
In the event of changes in the construction and contents should always inform the insurer of any changes made in the property or contents to keep your policy always updated to avoid problems in an eventual loss.

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